England and Ireland: July 1998

This was a trip organized by Karen Tate of A Special Journey Travel, advertised as "a magical journey to the sacred sites of the Goddess in Ireland and Cornwall, England." Karen has a Web site at www.karentate.com.

Our group leaders were Ruth Barrett of Los Angeles and Kay Gardner of Maine. For more about them and their works, visit Ladyslipper Music.

We were 26 ladies, bussed about by Paddy of Terry Flynn Tours of Ireland. Paddy spotted us at the London Gatwick airport by our Terry Flynn luggage tags, and he expected us to spot him by means of a handheld sign for "Women Clergy Group." Our last day on the bus, Judith got everyone to autograph it.

As China Galland said of another women's adventure trip, "Our group is extremely diverse....Still I know there must be a common thread that has drawn us all together."

Following are thumbnail photo images from the trip. So the complete loading of this Web page may take a while. Once that happens, clicking on any one of the images will load a larger version (actual size determined by specs of a particular monitor or printer).

Paddy at an Irish Pub

For more context-setting, here's a group picture in Cornwall, with us showing off our Wellies. Here's a description of the well Caeia March and Cheryl Straffon took us to for our welcome to Cornwall and a ritual passage from Caeia March's novel Reflections. And here's Jonathan Cott's account of a visit to Lady Olivia Robertson at Clonegal Castle in Ireland, where we did ceremony.


Kathy Jones' ritual

K Rock Hugging

Silbury Hill


Cornwall Welcome
Madron Well

The Pub Life

Men-an Tol

Hilary & Dawn
Sancreed Cemetary

Caeia March &
Sheryl Straffon


Peg & Carolyn
take tea at The Hollies


Fellowship of Isis
Lady Olivia Robertson

Ruth in Grove
Clonegal Castle

Lady Olivia Robertson
& Kay Gardner


Carrowmore tour

Mrs. Haughey

Jan with Yeats' Swan

Maeve's Cairn:
before the climb

The Rest of Ireland

Galway peat fire

Irish Traditional
near Limerick

Ruth Barrett
& Kay Gardner

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